AbsolutePrivacy 2.3.0

An encrypted organizer that protects your personal data


  • Very easy to use


  • Simple, plain aspect

Not bad

If you're worried about the safety of your private, then AbsolutePrivacy may be a good solution for you. Behind a rather simple design you have a wide range of apps that enable you to manage your personal and professional life while taking security very seriously.

This program works as a personal information manager, featuring tools like a calendar, a memo app, a contacts manager, a diary and a tool to control your personal budget. The difference with other PIMs is that all the data you enter will be encrypted and protected.

The program's interface is quite plain, but at the same time this makes the program easy to use. No knowledge about encryption needed!

Never have data been handled and kept on your PC in such a safe and intrusion-proof way! Every conceivable means have been adopted to eclipse your data for unauthorized access. Nobody else but you should ever be able to view your personal data.

A number of measures have been implemented to achieve this unprecedented level of data security:

  • military-grade encryption
  • permantent (uninterrupted) database encryption
  • records encrypted and decrypted one by one
  • multiple keywords

Of course, all data stored with this organizer are spy-proof, even while you are working with your data: appointments, tasks, memos, financial transactions, passwords, credit card data etc. Nothing will ever leak out, all data withstand the most sophisticated cracking attempts.



AbsolutePrivacy 2.3.0

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